After the three headed quarterback monster of Nick Foles/Case Keenum/Sean Mannion failed, in 2015 the then St. Louis Rams realized that they needed to upgrade at the position.

The Rams finished the season 7-9, which netted them the 15th pick in the first round of the draft. The team knew that they weren’t going to find their franchise quarterback halfway through the first round. After many rumors and smokescreens, the Rams came to an agreement with the Tennessee Titans for the first overall pick in the draft.

The Rams gave up a kings ransom for the ability to eventually draft Jared Goff.

After seeing what the Rams gave up, Goff was expected to be the de facto starter for the newly moved franchise. But head coach Jeff Fisher said yesterday that if the season were to start today, Goff would be the third string quarterback. Not even second string. Third string.

This comes after Goff got his first start against the Minnesota Vikings in the final preseason game where he went 6/16 for 67 yards with one touchdown and two turnovers, an interception and a fumble. He played two quarters and had a somewhat average to below average game. However he didn’t do anything to dethrone Keenum as the starting quarterback.

It’s not unusual for rookie quarterbacks, even first round picks, to start their careers on the bench. Even Aaron Rodgers sat behind hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre for a couple of seasons.

However when you put into context what the Rams gave up to grab him, it becomes a bit more complicated and a bit more problematic.

Los Angeles is a cutthroat city when it comes to sports. The city has a long history of winners, and that’s what the fans expect now for each team, and the Rams are no exception.

Maybe Fisher is attempting to protect his young quarterback from the vitriol of fans if he struggles. Maybe it’s just because Fisher knows Goff just isn’t that good. No one except Fisher and his staff know. But one thing is for certain, Goff has not played well.

However, it’s not only him.

Let’s face it. Outside of Todd Gurley, the Rams don’t have much on the offensive side of the ball. Unless its Rodgers or Tom Brady, a quarterback is usually only as good as his supporting cast. This does not excuse Goff’s poor play.

Through four preseason games, Goff went 22/49 for 232 yards with two touchdowns and interceptions. His main weakness is holding onto the ball, as he fumbled it three times.

The harsh reality of sports is that fans are expecting elite play from Goff because of what was given up for him and where he was picked. Unfortunately, Goff just isn’t ready to earn playing time in the NFL quite yet.

Rams Fall to Vikings 27-25



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