Rams are really taking back LA and fans have been able to follow the process in many ways.

Hard Knocks, showing on HBO, has helped fans get to know some of their favorite players more personally and ESPN Los Angeles has also started the All Access Show and The Jeff Fisher Show to allow fans to keep up with highlights of the previous games and receive an insight on the Rams’ upcoming opponents.

Last night was the premiere of The Jeff Fisher Show, live from the Bogies at the Westlake Village Inn, hosted by J.B. Long, host of ESPNLA Rams radio network play-by-play, and D’Marco Farr, ESPNLA Rams radio network sideline reporter.

The live show will also be open to the public.

Coach Jeff Fisher started off by jokingly stating that he wished he could be starting of the show under better circumstances, referring to the 0-28 fall to the 49ers on Monday night.

When commenting on Monday nights game:

Last weekend 15 other teams lost games, and some of those teams are really good and I happen to think we’re pretty good. We just had a bad night that’s all.

Following his positive outlook on the loss, Fisher mentioned Minnesota’s loss last year in the season opener, 20-3, and how they came back to win the division, 11-5, leaving Rams fans hopeful about this coming season.

Fisher continued, going over mistakes the team made and where they can improve.

The Rams coach spent the remainder of the show discussing strategies for the next game against the Seattle Seahawks, mentioning Case Keenum will be ready for it and Jared Goff’s possible place on the roster soon.

Coach Fisher closed out the show by completing the sentence given by Farr, “The Rams will win if…”:

Protect the football, we had a couple turn overs. Go get some turn overs. We need to get some turn overs. We have to run it and we have to stop their run and keep Russell in the pocket…if we can control Russell in the pocket and cage him and not let him break our backs and extend plays and make big plays and shift the field then you know, I think we got a chance…it’s a great match-up and I’m really looking forward to it.

To keep up with The Jeff Fisher Show, tune in every Monday night on ESPNLA 710 am from 6-7 pm PT.

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