The move is almost finally official. On Sunday the 18th, the Rams will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks in Los Angeles, which will be the first regular season game in LA in 22 years.

There’s no sugarcoating the disaster that was on the field for the Rams in week one. If they continue to play like they did against San Francisco, it doesn’t matter who they play against, they’re going to lose.

Now the good news is that despite the Seahawks being considered as a Super Bowl favorite, they didn’t do so hot in week one either.

They were one Kenny Stills drop away from losing to the Miami Dolphin They were only able to muster one touchdown, which came with 35 seconds left in the game, in their 12-10 win.

Jeff Fisher’s Rams have inexplicably done well against the Seahawks in recent years. The former St. Louis team has won three of their last four match-ups, including a sweep last season.

This is mainly due to the Rams’ strength matching up against Seattle’s weakness.

Seattle has been a dominating team for the last few years, but that is in spite of their offensive line. They have had trouble find quality players to protect quarterback Russell Wilson.

In fact, since 2012 Wilson is the second most sacked quarterback after Ryan Tannehill.

The biggest strength on the entire Rams team is their defensive line. Although they were shut down in week one, they should be able to bounce back against Seattle’s porous offensive line.

Bad line play coupled with a gimpy Wilson, Aaron Donald and company should be able to feast.

But even with a poor showing on Monday night, it’s not the defense that fans need to worry about. It’s the offense. It’s always been the offense every year since the Greatest Show on Turf.

With Case Keenum getting the start again, he’s going to need to conjure up the same magic he used to beat the Seahawks last year.

Of course he needs help from his best weapon, Todd Gurley. Gurley was an absolute non-factor against San Francisco, and even though it wasn’t all his fault, he still needs to step up if the Rams have any chance of winning this game.

Los Angeles has waited 22 years for this, and they will not be happy if it’s spoiled with another blow out loss.

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