Looks like all those draft picks for Jared Goff are paying off.

Well, not exactly. But it does look like things are headed in the right direction.

Jeff Fisher announced that Goff will be moving from third string up to…wait for it…second string.

Goff was inactive for the Rams’ week one game against the San Francisco 49ers. However after Case Keenum’s horrid performance, it looks as if Goff might get his chance if things go south again.

The promotion isn’t a huge one, but it does show signs of progress.

It also is a vote of confidence for the rookie quarterback, after many were disparaging Goff because he couldn’t beat out the guy who couldn’t beat out Case Keenum.

The Rams’ coaching staff is probably hoping they won’t have to use Goff, it’s always a positive sign each time he gets closer to seeing the field.

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