It took 11 weeks,  but number one overall pick Jared Goff will finally be getting his first NFL start on Sunday. Goff will be on display in front of his home crowd in Los Angeles as the Rams take on the Miami Dolphins.

Coach Jeff Fisher reportedly is making the switch after Case Keenum and the offense failed to score a touchdown for the third time this season. Keenum led the Rams to a 4-5 record and threw for 2,169 yards with nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

The move is somewhat surprising since it was just last week that Fisher said they were “being patient” with Goff.  The Rams are technically still in the playoff hunt, as they are only two and a half games behind Seattle for first place of the NFC West.

The Rams gave up a myriad of picks to move up in the draft and select Goff with the number one overall pick. Fans understood when Fisher decided to keep Goff on the bench at the start of the season, but after witnessing Keenum struggle and other rookie quarterbacks like Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott excelling, they grew impatient.

After being shut out for three quarters against the Panthers last week, the fans decided to make their displeasure known. “We want Goff” echoed throughout the Coliseum as Keenum threw yet another incomplete pass.

It looks like their protests were heard.

Despite winning 9-6 against the Jets last Sunday, another touchdown-less win was all it took for Fisher to make the change.

There are a lot of questions that fans and pundits are dying to have answered. Will Goff’s presence alleviate some of the pressure on Todd Gurley? Can Goff create chemistry with his receivers this late into the season?

The Rams take on the Dolphins in Los Angeles, however the Coliseum crowd might be even more hostile that an opposing crowd should Goff struggle.

Goff doesn’t need to set the world on fire to be a serviceable and successful quarterback. With the Rams’ defense, he just needs to manage the game and not turn the ball over.

Harder than it sounds, I know.

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