In Sunday’s game, the Los Angeles Rams faced what seems to be the NFL’s best offensive team, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints proved right as the Rams fell to a 49-21 defeat.

The result of Sunday’s game lay in the hands of Rams defense as they seemed to fall apart in the second half and in a press conference following, Quarterback Jared Goff had a lot to say after he threw three touchdowns in the first half and ended the day with 214 yards.

Goff started off the interview by stating that it is never easy losing and it is evident that there is a lot the team needs to work on in order to become a better team.

When asked by a reporter if the game was a struggle for the Rams, comparing it to running on a treadmill and not going any where, Goff replied:

Not in the first half. The first half was good. The first half I thought we played really well on both sides of the ball…second half we just couldn’t get it going and couldn’t get that momentum we had in the first half going. Their offense was playing lights out and their defense was playing well, too.

When asked what he thinks is preventing the Rams from playing to their full potential, Goff stated:

I don’t know if I could point out one certain thing…it’s not like we need to, you know do more or do this or a lot more of something, we just need to do what we do better, and do it efficiently, and do it effectively, and just consistently, and I think we’ll be okay.

When questioned about the Saints defensive line, Goff replied:

They got a great defensive line. They got a great defense and they were bringing it all day and putting pressure on us and did a good job. They were after us for sure.

The Rams quarterback finished the press conference by stating that the Saints are a good team and scored 49 points for a reason.

The LA team seems to still be in a state of rebuilding. Adjusting to their new home and developing players still remains a focus.

The Rams currently hold a 4-7 record and are 3rd in the NFC West.

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