Sunday’s game resulted in a 49-21 loss for the Los Angeles Rams against New Orleans Saints. Rams’ defense struggled, though quarterback Jared Goff had a decent game of his own with three touchdowns in the first half.

Rams fans seem to feel indifferent toward coach Jeff Fisher, and more so because of Goff’s good game which leaves the question of why Fisher was holding out on playing him for so long. A lot of Fisher’s decisions have been criticized and in an interview after Sunday’s game, the head coach addressed his way of thinking during the game.

Fisher began the interview by addressing his disappointment in Rams’ defense and how offense was expected to step up this time around. Instead, offense wasn’t the problem and the team fell apart defensively.

Fisher continued with stating his reasoning for sitting left tackle, Greg Robinson, out of the game:

I did make a decision during the week to give Greg Robinson a break, a week off because he he needed it. There was just a lot going on and too many mental errors and too many penalties so we made the decision to go with Rodger, left tackle and Jamone at guard so we’ll just adjust this week depending on how Rodger’s hand is but I would expect Greg to return to the line-up.

When asked about how Fisher feels mentally on the Rams’ current standing:

Every game is different, every win is different, every loss is different, we can attribute to lack of offensive production to the losses prior to today and then today we couldn’t get it going defensively. We’ll get them back. They’re practicing hard…Credit the Saints, they had an extra 3-4 days to prepare for us.

When asked if the Saints were calling plays more aggressively than seen on film, Fisher replied:

Drew is really smart, and Drew has had the benefit of facing this defense scheme for a long time and he knew where to go with the football and he made a lot of good plays.

When questioned about Goff’s progress:

I think the two minute drive really kind of sums it up for Jared. He made the plays in the first drive and then when we got the turn over, you know, we had a one play drive for touchdown, great throw to Kenny, and then the two minute drive, which is different for him because I didn’t want to put Drew back on the field and so we’re kind of slowing that drive down and you know I said three at this point is good and he made some really good throws in the two minute drive off his back foot and put the ball in the in zone and we felt good about things as went into half time.

Rams QB Jared Goff Speaks On Sunday’s Loss Against New Orleans Saints

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