We’re only a few weeks until the Rams take the field in Southern California for the first time since 1994 and it is time for Rams fans to put on their pundit hat and predict the 2016 season. Are you an eternal optimist expecting a 16-0 season or are you already hitting the bottle with an 0-16 prediction? There are many unknowns surrounding the Rams franchise at the moment: will the relocation hurt the Rams’ chances this season? What about Jared Goff? Will he be ready for the 49ers on September 12 or will Case Keenum be under center?


The Fearsome Football prediction form is modeled after the one made by our friends over at California Golden Blogs and is always a hit there so we decided to draft the idea #1 overall and bring it up to Fearsome Football.

This will be the first of two chances for our followers to predict the 2016 season (before training camp and after the preseason schedule). We will also have a follow up post in a few weeks to see where everyone stands. The instructions are incredibly simple: type in what you believe to be the probability of a Rams win for any given week. If you think that there is a 100% chance of beating the 49ers during week 1, then type in 1.0. If you think that there’s a 50% chance of winning, type in .5, 25% chance of winning, type in .25, and 99.99% chance of winning, type in .9999. Pretty simple, right?

If you have any trouble accessing the form, please CLICK HERE for the direct link. Enjoy!

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