The last preseason game is here! The Rams are heading to the Twin Cities and we’re talking to Ted Glover over at Daily Norseman about the game, what they remember about the Rams from 1946 to 1994, and what their expectations are for the 2016 Vikings season.


Tell us about a player on offense that fans here in Los Angeles should keep an eye on…

Well, since it’s going to be the last pre-season game, the usual suspects aren’t going to be playing, so that’s out. And with the first round of cuts coming the day prior, I might give you name of a player that might not even be on the team. So with that in mind, I’ll go with rookie WR Laquon Treadwell on offense. The first round pick will probably see a fair amount of playing time, and so far. he’s been impressive. He seems to be a legit WR, and when teamed with Charles Johnson and Stefon Diggs, will give the Vikings a solid and deep WR group.

What about on defense?
Same caveats apply, so I’ll give you another rookie, rookie S Jayron Kearse. Most 7th round picks would be long gone by now, but Kearse may be that rare exception. For one, his talent is a lot higher than your typical late round pick, and the Vikings need safety help. His play, at least so far, has him in the mix for some playing time once the regular season begins, and if he continues on his trajectory, it’s not impossible to see him as a starter in a season or two.

What do you expect to be the Vikings’ strengths during the 2016 season? Weaknesses?
The Vikings are going to be very good defensively and running the ball. Not only do they have quality starters on defense, they have solid depth everywhere, up and down the defensive side of the ball. This is going to be a top unit, and they are going to present a lot of problems for teams. As for running, when you have Adrian Peterson, your running game will always be one of the best in the NFL. The big weakness could be the offensive line. It was a unit that was racked with injuries last year, and are still absorbing the retirement of longtime RT Phil Loadholt before training camp began. The Vikings took steps to address the issue by signing free agents Alex Boone and Andre Smith, but the results so far have been mixed.

Can you tell us about an under the radar player that fans in Los Angeles may not have heard of but will give the Rams fits on September 1?
How about TE David Morgan? He should survive the first round of cuts, and is a guy that has impressed early on in training camp and the pre-season. I expect him to get a lot of playing time in that game, and he’s kind of stood out early on.

What are the expectations in Minnesota among the fanbase?
Very high. This is a team that was a shanked, gimme FG away from beating the defending NFC Champions and going to the divisional round of the playoffs. They played the Cardinals and Broncos tough on the road last year, and had the ball at the end of both games with a chance to win. They beat Green Bay at Lambeau Field on the last week of the season to win the division, and I think last year they proved they can play and beat anyone in the NFL. If their offensive line is better and can give QB Teddy Bridgewater [ed. note: sorry] some time, this team is going to do some damage, and a deep playoff run is very possible.

Do you have any memories of the Rams when they were last in Los Angeles?
I do, actually! I was a kid during the latter part of the Purple People Eaters era of the Vikings, and I remember that they seemed to play the Rams in the playoffs every year. I vividly remember James Harris, Lawrence McCutcheon, Harold Jackson, and those great teams. The Vikings beat them, but I think the home field advantage of Met Stadium played a big part. Those were always close, hard fought games, and if the Vikings wanted to get to the Super Bowl, it seemed like they had to beat the Rams to do it. Man, those were some great games, and the 1977 Mud Bowl divisional playoff is an all time classic NFL game. Also, James Harris really doesn’t get his due as a trail blazing African American quarterback in the NFL, and that’s a shame. He played a very large part in the Rams going to the NFC Championship in 1974 and ’76, and doesn’t get nearly the credit he should for that.

We don’t like the Vikings here in Los Angeles because we did not have a rather fun time against you guys in the playoffs. Are you looking forward to the rekindling of the old Rams-Vikings rivalry?
Excited? I don’t know if that’s the right word, because, well, neither team has really been relevant in awhile, and the last playoff game they played was, I think, in 1999. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of history between these two teams, but the rivalry we shared in the ’60’s and ’70’s was based more off of having to beat each other in the playoffs, and our two all time great defensive front fours. That, and the NFL didn’t have nearly as many teams as they do now, so they played a lot more often. I think with free agency and players moving around, those iconic days of defensive units staying together for a long time are gone. If and when we get back to squaring off in the playoffs year in and year out, I think people will look back on that brief rivalry we shared back in the day and go ‘yeah, that was a heck of a rivalry for awhile’. It seems to have been forgotten over time, except in L.A. and Minnesota. And that’s a shame, because it was must see TV when the Rams and Vikings go together, because the stakes were so high.

And if I’m going to be completely honest, I live just outside of St. Louis, and I really enjoyed being able to see the Vikings play in person every few years. So BOOOOOO Stan Kroenke [ed. note: YAY Stan Kroenke]!

Minnesota is opening a brand new stadium on the site of the former Metrodome, what are your first impressions of the venue? We’re getting a new stadium in three years time, any advice on for Rams fans on how to prepare for a new venue and all the costs that come with it?
Honestly, the stadium is gorgeous, and I am so happy the Vikings can finally kick the Metrodome to the curb–that place was a terrible facility. I have no idea how you can afford anything in California with the taxes and all that, and I saw some pictures from Twitter that parking near the Coliseum was running anywhere from $50-100!!! I guess I would start saving now, and then sell one or more of your children* if you still find yourself short for season tickets and PSL’s.

*Don’t sell your children, but good luck with the costs associated with everything. It’s going to be really expensive.

There is an incredible amount of excitement in Los Angeles about the return of our team, and, in all likelihood, there will be many Rams fans going to road games this year. Any advice for Rams fans visiting Minneapolis?
Minneapolis is a cool city; there’s plenty to do and see while you’re here. No matter what your interests or tastes are, there’s something for everyone. I could go on and on about stuff to do while you’re in town (but I won’t), so get on the Internet and plan on taking in the sites. And I don’t mean the Mall of America, unless you want to see it. Your fans won’t want to go there anyways, because it’s built on the site of old Met Stadium, where so many Rams seasons of yesteryear ended in broken dreams and frostbite, muahahaha (oh, sorry).

What will the Vikings need to do in order to win?
It’s pre-season, and the last pre-season game at that. I don’t think there’s any over-arching game strategy other than ‘who will make the team’ and ‘don’t get hurt’. I’ll be watching just to see who will win the down roster spots. I really don’t care who wins, to be honest.

What will the Rams need to do in order to win?
See above, lol.

Any other comments?
I was sorry to see the Rams leave St. Louis, but I’m glad you guys have football back in Southern California. Good luck to the Rams in 2016 and beyond. Stan Kroenke can eat a bag of ass, though, because he is a Class A jackass [ed. note: 😀 ].

Thank you Ted Glover from the Daily Norseman for answering our questions and we look forward to meeting the Vikings on September 1 in the Twin Cities!

Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings
U.S. Bank Stadium • Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 1, 2016 at 5:00pm
KCBS Los Angeles (CBS/Channel 2) • KMSP Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Fox/Channel 9)
KSPN 710 AM • KSWD 100.3 FM • KWKW 1330 AM (Español)

Minnesota vs. Los Angeles
Regular Season: 11-15
Postseason: 1-5
Vikings Franchise vs. Rams Franchise
Regular Season: 14-21
Postseason: 2-5

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