It has been 11 seasons since the Rams last made the playoffs and 12 since their last winning season—are both streaks coming to an end in 2016? According to the fans in Los Angeles, that’s a resounding YES on both counts. Based on the predictions that everyone submitted, the Rams are looking at a 10-6 season (9.66 wins), which has been a good enough record to make the playoffs in 8 of the last 10 seasons in the NFC.


It seems that Rams fans are quite optimistic looking towards the 50th season of Los Angeles Rams football, but there are some fans that are seeing nothing but sunshine and roses. Below are the most optimistic fans—let’s hope that these people are correct, because if they are, the Rams will be Super Bowl contenders.

  1. Pitts (14.70 wins)
  2. Mackadelics (13.25 wins)
  3. Tobias Prang (13.oo wins)
  4. Rambro (12.85 wins)
  5. ANLARAM (12.65 wins)

On the flip side, however, it seems like we have a few fans that are ready to hit the bottle:

  1. Rick (1.78 wins)
  2. Butch (4.25 wins)
  3. Gr8gazoo (6.00 wins)
  4. 29Rambo (6.44 wins)
  5. Alex B (6.95 wins)

Most fans, however, are hovering around 8 to 11 wins, which tells us here at Fearsome Football, that the expectations in the fanbase are optimistic, but realistic at the same time.

Based on what everyone submitted, we ran some simulations as to how the season might shake out and the highest probability was a 10-6 season (at 19.952%), closely followed by a 9-7 season (18.697%). The odds of finishing 0-16 sits at 0.00004%, while a perfect regular season is almost as rare at 0.031%.Win Probabilities

On average, Rams fans were much more optimistic about home games at the Coliseum than road games, and the fans believe that our matchup with the San Francisco 49ers will end up being our likeliest wins both at home and on the road (87.82% and 81.51% respectively). On the other side of the spectrum, Rams fans are not all too optimistic about our matchup with Carolina at home (30.93%) or New England on the road (20.29%).

  1. @ San Francisco (81.51%)Home PredictionsRoad Predictions
  2. Seattle (64.48%)
  3. @ Tampa Bay (74.95%)
  4. @ Arizona (26.91%)
  5. Buffalo (79.29%)
  6. @ Detroit (77.61%)
  7. vs. NY Giants (47.21%)
  9. Carolina (30.93%)
  10. @ NY Jets (63.38%)
  11. Miami (82.43%)
  12. @ New Orleans (60.90%)
  13. @ New England (20.29%)
  14. Atlanta (72.45%)
  15. @ Seattle (34.11%)
  16. San Francisco (87.82%)
  17. Arizona (61.94%)

The chance of winning any given home game (on average, including the Rams-Giants game in London), is around 65.82% while road games are at around 54.96%. Perhaps these numbers are a bit too optimistic, however, our team is back, it’s a new era for Los Angeles Rams football, and it is completely and totally expected that fans in Southern California would be pumped for the season.


Even though it is notoriously difficult to try and predict the preseason, we decided to ask everyone what their expectations are for the upcoming four games, well, here’s what fans in Los Angeles think (in a nutshell):

Expected Record: 2-2 (2.35 wins)

  1. Dallas (72.21%)
  2. Kansas City (66.37%)
  3. @ Denver (50.13%)
  4. @ Minnesota (46.17%)

Well, there you have it! Will Rams fans be right on the money with a 10 win prediction or are we being a bit too optimistic? Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that Rams fans will be celebrating the 50th season of Los Angeles Rams football in style under the warm Southern California sun.

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